Grim Smiley Unveils Long-Awaited EP “Age of Delirium” with a Fusion of Retro Alternative Rock

SEATTLE, Dec. 23, 2023 — After a hiatus that spanned over a decade, the alternative rock band Grim Smiley is set to make a resounding return to the music scene with their highly anticipated EP, “Age of Delirium.” Known for their signature blend of rocking melodies and insightful lyrics, the band is gearing up to take listeners on a captivating journey through the complexities of life, love, and societal introspection.

Ben Henry, the singer/songwriter of Grim Smiley, expresses the essence of the EP: “Age of Delirium is more than just music; it’s a reflection of the times, a sonic exploration of the tangled web we navigate in the pursuit of freedom and authenticity. Each track is a chapter, and collectively, they paint a vivid picture of our shared human experience.”

Drummer and co-founder Justin Vincler adds, “We’ve poured our hearts into this project, infusing it with the raw energy and authenticity that defines Grim Smiley. It’s a sonic journey that speaks to the soul, and we’re thrilled to share it with our fans, both old and new.”

Bassist Mark DiNitto reflects on the band’s evolution, stating, “Age of Delirium marks a significant milestone for Grim Smiley. It’s a testament to our growth as artists and individuals. The music captures the essence of our collective experiences and serves as a sonic bridge between the past and the present.”

The EP features tracks such as “Age of Delirium,” “What Really Matters,” “I Know,” and “Rain on My Parade,” each delivering a distinctive musical and lyrical narrative. From questioning societal norms to delving into personal relationships, Grim Smiley invites listeners to explore the depths of their emotions through this powerful collection.

“Age of Delirium” is not just an EP; it’s a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of Grim Smiley. From Honolulu to Seattle, the band invites fans to join them on this musical exploration, embracing the spirit of old-school rock that refuses to be confined.

“Age of Delirium” will be available digitally on major streaming platforms, marking the band’s first foray into the digital realm after pressing 1,000 CDs back in 2008.


Age of Delirium

Music and lyrics by Ben Henry

What the robots think: The lyrics convey a strong message about skepticism, disillusionment, and the quest for true freedom. The theme of questioning authority and societal norms hits hard.


Can you really be free
When it’s shoved down your throat?
Whatever happened to democracy?
It’s become quite the joke
I’m not falling for
Another glorified fiasco
Fool me once, don’t fool me twice
You’ve got to go

This is the Age of Delirium
We’re selling out and we’re much too comfortable
This is the Age of Delirium
We fool ourselves when we’re not being gullible
This is the Age of Delirium
We trust too soon the unforgivable
This is the Age of Delirium
It’s time again to be free

Just another cross to bear
You don’t know when to quit
If it’s neither here nor there
Then where the fuck is it?

I am my own worst enemy

I Know

Music and lyrics by Ben Henry

What the robots think: “I Know” presents a heartfelt reflection on the complexities of relationships, acknowledging challenges and expressing a genuine awareness of the impact on the other person. The admission of uncertainty and the recognition of taking someone for granted add emotional depth to the lyrics.


I know, it’s too much to bear
I know, the strain on your heart
I know, it’s hard when I’m not there
I know, you won’t play the part

I’ve seen this movie
And even its sequel
The heart just wants what it wants

I don’t know, why it’s not easy
I don’t know, how to pretend
I don’t know, why I feel so queasy
I don’t know how this ends

I know, I take you for granted
I know, I’m asking a lot
I know, I can’t recant this
Looks like I’m on the spot

What Really Matters

Music and lyrics by Ben Henry

What the robots think: The lyrics for “What Really Matters” explore a sense of disillusionment and uncertainty. The repetition of “Who knows what really matters?” reflects a theme of introspection and questioning the significance of things. The poetic nature of the lyrics adds depth to the exploration of personal struggles.


Take one … I’m done chasin’ the sun
Take two … the view turns blacker in hue
Take three … and I’m barking up another wrong tree
Take four … Expect less when you ask for more

Who knows what really matters?
My brain’s been rinsed and lathered
Who knows what really matters?
Who holds the key?

Take five … this sequence seems quite contrived
Take six … I’m broke and in need of a fix
Take seven … and take it until it’s taken
Take eight … It is early but I guess I’m still late

Who really knows?

Rain on My Parade

Music and lyrics by Ben Henry

What the robots think: “Rain on My Parade” captures the essence of grappling with personal challenges and seeking introspection. The metaphorical use of rain to wash away stubbornness and self-righteousness adds a poignant touch. The lyrical exploration of trying to fit in and the tension between pride and humility adds depth to the song’s theme.


Why does love burn when it’s mixed too strong?
We have been at this for so long
Truth only hurts when you happen to be wrong
A bird … without a song

The marching band takes a fall
Inflate those floats so I can rise above it all

Rain on my parade
Wash away all my stubbornness
Wash away my self righteousness
Rein me in today
Tell me when I have gone too far
When I’ve overshot my star

The answers come easy when you are too proud
Even with no question to be found
How far will I go to try to fit in with the crowd?
A square … trying to be round


Music and lyrics by Ben Henry